FRIDAY FAVES: 10/19/2018

Happy Friday!! Here are the things we have been pining over this week. We have some fun things in store for next week, so stay tuned. Have a great weekend!


Loving this adorable keychain from The Good Twin Co! I am such a sucker for an A-frame cabin. I am also desperately in need of a new keychain, so this might just be fate.

I am crazy about my Hip brand water bottle. They are so comfortable to carry, and they come in some really cute colors. I already have a blush one, but I am really feeling this red!

I am absolutely crazy about finding beautiful cards to give to people for special occasions, or sometimes for no reason at all. I have been known to slip a card to Walter onto his pillow or in his car with a little love note and a gift card to get himself lunch, or something small, just to make him smile. Those little gestures mean the world to me, so I like to pay it forward. These cards from Lucky Horse Press are like designs that I dreamed would be greeting cards, but I have not seen anywhere else. I honestly had trouble even picking just one image for this post.

Desperately seeking a pair of these 1970’s brass butterfly candle holders in really nice condition. I love having a special table presentation when I have guests over: placemats, linen napkins, floral arrangements, etc. I think that these would be a nice touch!

I guess this is a company run by a Real Housewife? I don’t know, I’m a Vanderpump Rules girl. However, you can have a picture of your dog’s face put on custom pajamas and I am SO into that! I want a pair of Gus pajamas so badly. Yes, I’m a psycho dog mom. Too cute.


LOVING these pink overalls. You might notice a little theme with my choices this week…P I N K E V E R Y T H A N G.

My makeup organization situation is such a disaster and I’m kind of loving the idea of getting a Caboodle and keeping all my makeup in there so it is easy to travel with when I need it. Also it’s giving me all the 90s vibes and I can still picture my Caboodle that I had covered in stickers. Purple and sparkly…ah I miss it.

We adore Nikki over at Odyssey and Oddities - both for her as a person and for her impeccable jewelry line. I already have a pair of her fringe earrings and I think it’s time I purchased a coordinating necklace from her also!

I have been decorating my future home in my mind recently and I’m already looking at removable wallpaper options for an accent wall in the girls rooms. I love the idea of a fun floral pattern on the walls.

Ally told me recently that it is her goal to get me into a pair of flare jeans to live out her dreams since I am taller. I’ve been eyeing a couple but I am realllyyyy feeling these rose colored ones.

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for more and keep an eye out on Monday for an amazing new interview post!

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